Arbor Capital Partners (ACP) has a long-term focus towards the acquisition, development, and construction of all property types. We specifically target investments in high-growth markets and look to establish strong relationships with local partners.


Investments include a wide variety of assets, including, but not limited to:


  • Commercial retail, office, & industrial

  • Multi-family units

  • Single-family homes

  • Unentitled land (raw)

  • Entitled land

  • Developed & partially developed lots

  • Paper lots             


At ACP, we feel we are able to provide the experience and approach of a large institution while maintaining the flexibility of a small firm, which allows us to execute quickly on a variety of fronts.


Heritage Ridge - Berthoud, CO

  • Filing 1: 170 Residential Home Lots

  • Filing 2-5: 195 Residential Home Lots + 60 Paired-Home Lots

  • Approximately 139.61 acres

  • Current Status: Lot construction is complete on Filings 1-5 and all lots have been sold. Filing 1 is fully built-out with single-family homes. Construction on Filings 2 -5 is complete and all lots have been sold with approximately 50% of single-family homes built-out. Grading for Filing 6 has commenced and lot delivery is expected by the end of 2019.

Kitchel Lake - Timnath, CO 

  • Multi-phase project consisting of 500 Residential Home Lots

  • Approximately 328.33 Acres

  • Current Status: Grading for Filings 2 is complete and 115 of 140 finished lots have been delivered. Construction of Filings 3-4 has commenced and all 60 lots are under contract for purchase. Filing 5 consists of 50 lots and their purchase is currently being negotiated. Once under contract, construction will commence.

Boedecker Lake - Loveland, CO

  • Filing 1: 35 Residential Home Lots

  • Filing 2: 41 Residential Home Lots

  • Approximately 27 acres

  • Current Status: Project is fully entitled and grading will commence February 2018. Filing 1 residential lots have been pre-sold first lots to be delivered June 2018

Berthoud 160 - Berthoud, CO

  • Multi-phase project consisting of approximately 485 Residential Home Lots

  • Approximately 140 acres

  • Current Status: Project is fully entitled and grading will commence in August 2019 with initial lot delivery expected by the end of 1st quarter 2020


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